Shelby's Shoes  was the debut book in Dallas L. Dixon's 5 book series about a young centipede and her desire to make a difference in her community. What began as an small poem has slowly blossomed into a series of children's books that deliver a warm message about being grateful and content in what you have, while always re-purposing, recycling and giving back.  Dallas is currently working on her next book for young readers called "Where the Sky Begins." This will be a hardback cover book with numerous poems & riddles collected from her notebooks going back to grammar school-Inspired by her love of poetry. We can't wait to see what imaginative yarn she weaves next!

Then they all said with excitement "What a great collection day." And then they took their gathered treasures and joyfully gave them away!

Dallas L. Dixon--
-Excerpt from Shelby's Collection Day, book 2 of the 5 book series.
Meet Children's Author Dallas L. Dixon