Dallas L. Dixon--

About our children's books:

All of our children's books are written in poetic rhymes for ages 1-10 years old. We do find even some adults like them! Our books are easy to ready with colorful pictures and they are durable for those messy fingers.Great books to read with your precious little one(s)!

Other children's works from Dallas L. Dixon

Children's Books coming fall and winter 2014-15 are: Shelby's Tea Time, Where the Sky Begins

Featured Author: Dallas L. Dixon

Shelby's Shoes was Dallas's big debut. What began as an impromptu poem about shoes, has slowly blossomed into her best selling children's book. The Shelby collection has 5 books in the series. We have also added a great book for any mother or father that portrays the mischief of little boys but "oh how sweet they can be."

Dallas L. Dixon was born in Dallas, Texas, and grew up in the palm tress and sand of the sunshine state of Florida. She has been composing creative works since grammar school; sharing works & words with friends and strangers. Besides writing, her passions are gardening, canning, soap making, cooking and spending time with her precious family. Please join Dallas as she shares her childhood poetry and short stories with children of all ages.